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Plants in Interior Design

Personally I’m a huge plant and flower lover, the thought of bringing a piece of the outside world inside really appeals to me and not only that they’re pretty too! 💕

From a Interior Design point of view they‘re a quick and easy way, even for a novice to make a room more appealing and for those a little colour shy, to add some brightness and interest to our space.

I tend to change up my cut flowers display weekly, I just like to experiment with different colours and of course fragrances (hyacinth: pictured above are everywhere at this time of the year and whether in bulb or cut form the scent just fills your home giving a feeling that spring is in the air and they come in a variety of beautiful vibrant colours too that will fit in with almost any interior).

I’m a true old fashioned gal at heart and I’m happy to receive a gift of flowers any day of the week! however I do love a good house plant, they look good ,can fill a space and the benefits to keeping them are plentiful.


Having living plants in your home or workspace not only improves the air quality they are good for us.

Plants have large surface areas and exchange gases and water with their surroundings, plants can help tackle some of these issues. 

Reducing carbon dioxide levels 

Increasing humidity 

Reducing levels of certain pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide 

Reducing airborne dust levels Keeping air temperatures down.

Studies have shown that having plants in the home have huge benefits they help reduce stress being close to greenery helps us with a sense of well-being and more at ease, Also offices with more living plants have shown that people tend to take less sick days and are more productive!.... who’d of known! So not only do they look and smell great, clean our air they make us feel good too! What’s not to love.

Succulents have became increasingly popular just recently but instead of opting for the faux plastic you can pick these up pretty cheaply at your local supermarket, and If you’re a little apprehensive about having plants to look after opt for Aloe Vera this will do well in a bright sunny window. Do some research and pick plants that suit your sunny or shaded rooms.

Have fun Filling your home with nature.

Rachel. X

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