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Japanese Inspiration


So the other day I put together a concept board influenced by Japanese springtime and how Japan being the host of the next Olympics in 2020 has inspired not only Fashion trends but also Interior Design and Interior Textiles.

Receiving new new collections from Textiles companies you can see a trend appearing with a huge Japanese influence, from Cherry Blossom to Crane and Tori print, it’s really interesting to see a different take on the theme from different companies.

(Photos above concepts from ILiv Interior Textiles, Prestigious Textiles and Ashley Wilde Group).


Traditional Japanese Interior Design

The Japanese way of life is based on some essential rules – firstly the layout of the room. The Japanese often design open-plan living space with a small kitchen, dining room and living room. Does it sound familiar?

Secondly, is the furniture – they are super simple with clean lines. The Japanese have very little furniture possible in their house. And finally, nothing should prevent the free movement in the room. The decor is in neutral colors – white walls, light wood furniture.

Decoration – is decorated with pots of flowers with bonsai trees, river stones, and lanterns.

Create Zen in your home

If minimalistic is right up your street stick with traditional Japanese influences which can be acheived on a budget easily, paint the living room and dining area white, put in a fitted white kitchen without handles, make a small seating area with a wooden rectangular coffee table. And in the room put in a double bed with fitted wooden frame. Decoration is not much preferred – a couple of small bonsai trees can be placed on tables in the living room. And your all set!


If you like the of Japanese influence but not too minimalistic and themed then this is where you the world is your oyster, add in muted tones of colour, light toned textured wood bamboo and wicker are becoming increasing popular in Interiors currently, add warmth with Textiles, floaty voiles and comfy seating areas, floor cushions & beanbags, low sofas with clean cut shapes, add a little bit of personality with artwork or customise your own.


Taking some inspiration from the world famous Japanese blossom trees, The idea was to create a peaceful, fresh scheme ,I love the calmness of a pastel colour palette and added warmth with printed, embroidered textiles and floaty voile window dressings.

I feel a need a zen room to disappear into after a long day. 😊 🌸🙏

*Zen is a way of life -- an intensely personal, severely pared-down search for meaning that elevates simplicity to an art form. Zen design embodies this minimalist philosophy, making use of natural materials, patterns of light and space, and a near-monastic rejection of clutter.

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